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Yarrbear Tales 00sage00s Romps Through the Eve Universe

00sage00s Romps Through the Eve Universe


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Skyes Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog! Wait what?

Skyes Super Happy Fun Pirating Blog! A blog documenting the times and life of Andrea Skye, a low sec Pirate in eve. Sunday, 14 October 2012. Never underestimate the stupidity of others. I have started to play EvE again recently, and I have been roaming around with Apoctasy. We have got into alot of fights but tonight we got into something truely special. Well most of the time, the person in question would decline the invitation and we would just move on. But not this time! But alas, when we landed he had.

The Ivory Tower

When Marcel calls, we answer. Fleet was to be composed of kiting tier 2 battlecruisers. Meanwhile Gunther Lutgens in a Legion had jumped to Ouelletta and came in contact with the crew. He quickly cloaked and got away. I ordered everyone to overheat guns until mo.

EVE Online Wormholes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013. Well, after quite a long EVE hiatus, I decided to start playing again. I had been keeping up my skill training throughout and have been keeping up on nullsec events on evenews24. Interesting to see how things barely change. Biggest decision will be to either continue poking around Syndicate or joining up with old friends in Wspace and in the powerblock territories. As such, the .

Screamer - A Pirates blog, from the beginning.

Total ISK spent on this is around 620mil. Not too shabby considering most of my ships were Frigates. Punishers are by far the best Frigate if fit properly. Rifters are alot of fun. Wolves are more fun than Rifters. Any T1 frigate is fair game,.

The Bald Buccaneer

An eve online pirate blog straight from his most baldness to the raunchy masses. Monday, September 17, 2012. PSY Jecka подсобите на меня напали два цептора. PSY Jecka thanks for the help the allies. Thursday, September 6, 2012.


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Yarrbear Tales 00sage00s Romps Through the Eve Universe


00sage00s Romps Through the Eve Universe


The site had the following in the homepage, "00sage00s Romps Through the Eve Universe." I noticed that the web site stated " Is still quite a lot." They also stated " What will I do now that Ive quit? Well, I have just started college, so I do not have very much time for gaming. But when I do, I mainly play League of Legends. It has the advantage of being far briefer than Eve 60-minute max for a game vs. Plus a lot of my college friends play it while almost no one has heard of Eve Online. Also, when Star Wars The Old Republic. Goes live, I will give that a try with other ex-Pythons."


00Sango00 we will make coffee metal!! - DeviantArt

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00santy00 Santy - DeviantArt

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Christian Verstrepen Photographe

Christian VERSTREPEN photographie sans aucune retouche des scènes de la vie quotidienne où les ombres et les reflets se détachent des corps et créent de nouveaux personnages aux actions étonnantes. Créer un blog avec CanalBlog. Juste un petit mot pour te dire que je suis allé.