EnJoY!!! My blog is Crazy Beautiful!!!

My blog is Crazy Beautiful!!!


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SarangHae. I need you, I want you, I choose you.

Posted December 16, 2011 by Angelica. Posted November 13, 2011 by Angelica. Shortest Man in the World! Junrey says with his squeak.

Annas Blog Tehe;

8th Grade Comes to an End. So, today is our last full day here! I am sorta bummed at how fast this year went by.

McKenzie Im hard to figure out.

Saturday, I have to go babysit one of my cousins. I hate sleeping over there! I Hate This Seat! June 2, 2011.

θм ŧĦ Ŋg М Ǿ ع Here I Stand

Θм ŧĦ Ŋg М Ǿ ع. I love you guys so much. My brother deleted all my pictures off my phone from the chicago field trip.

Marileness Blog

I know is i shouldnt brag sometimes but he is just so sweet to me and very loving and well its been 9 months already and i love him so much.

i am misha ssss Im a snake. sss Im much larger than youd expect ssss

I passed my driving test. I have like 5,000 new internet friends. My grandma is staying in a home. Yay me! I LOVE the show Hannibal.

noahgs Blog bmx 4 ever

Then we have chicago so im going to be out of go carting for like a month. Also if you want to see were i raced go to this website.

Tommys Blog Welcome To My World Where Insanity. . . . . . . Is Reality

Welcome To My World Where Insanity. This is how I feel. Look at the posts below this.

Waffles Color of the Day!

I have some stuff to say. And go going to the mall? Remember all the memories? We may never have those again. True friends get over the little things. On a better note, graduation is tomorrow and I dyed my hair.

0205tyreems Blog Just another WordPress.com site

I could legit count how many friends I have on one of my hands. I will frekkin miss you kid! I brought you a goodbye Dr. Nicole Allison, you have been there for me EVERY day. Concerts were amazing! I love you and I will miss you sooo much! Lauren, you are what I would call a true friend, writing this makes me want to cry but I will miss you, and your awesome hair. Oh and Jacob, BEARS FAIL! June 8, 2011.


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EnJoY!!! My blog is Crazy Beautiful!!!


My blog is Crazy Beautiful!!!


The site had the following in the homepage, "My blog is Crazy Beautiful! Warped Tour and Good Bye! June 9, 2011." I noticed that the web site stated " My brother and I are going to Warped Tour! My dads buying us both tickets! Im so excited! Also, Good bye to all my friends! I will truly miss you all! I wish the best luck for all of you guys ." They also stated " The song of end of the year is Morte Et Dabo by Asking Alexandria 3. I had a really good time! I thought the Willis Tower was amazing! Standing on the glass over the side of the building was a bit scary but it was amazing! But the."


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Roller Coaster A journey

Posted by 020605comet under Central Asia 2012. Leaving Kuala Lumpur 5 hours and 5372km behind me, Tashkent is revealing itself to me moments before the plane lands. Instinctly I try to hide my camera as much as possible.

full of life smile

Greetings Marcellinus Welly, my native Indonesian people. I love music and I could play the guitar, drums and vocals. Music in Indonesia is very diverse, very much in various regions in a variety of traditional music . And I like the kids like the beach in Bali. I often go to Borobudur temple is so beautiful . I love you that Indonesia has many beautiful beaches, has a high mountain to the sky .

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